Former Coyotes forward Alex Galchenyuk threatened to kill police officers after hit-and-run arrest, per report

Former Arizona Coyotes forward Alex Galchenyuk was arrested on July 9 after a hit-and-run incident in Scottsdale, and he reportedly made some violent threats to the police officers during the encounter. The veteran had signed with the team on July 1, but the team voided his contract on Friday.

“We are aware of the incident involving Alex Galchenyuk and strongly condemn this type of behavior. Once the Club was made aware of the allegations, we immediately began the process of terminating his Standard Player’s Contract through the proper channels in conjunction with the National Hockey League,” read a statement from the Coyotes.

“As a result, the Arizona Coyotes today have exercised the team’s right to terminate the contract of Alex Galchenyuk due to a material breach of the terms of his Standard Player’s Contract. The Club will have no further comment at this time.”

According to the local CBS affiliate Arizona’s Family, police responded to an incident involving a drunk driver in a BMW sedan that ran over a curb and hit a sign in a parking lot earlier this month.

Galchenyuk had been lying on the ground close to his car when his father, Alexander Galchenyuk Sr., was reportedly seen picking him up and putting him in the passenger seat. The father then drove away before officers conducted a traffic stop, but they were later pulled over. While the father tried to take the blame for the incident and said he was the one who ran over the curb, witnesses said the son had been the one driving the car.

Galchenyuk was reportedly “heavily impaired” and smelled like alcohol. He was allegedly not cooperating and began threatening the officers by saying he had connections in Russia who could hurt them and their loved ones.

“One phone call and you’re all dead, your whole family, your bloodline is dead,” Galchenyuk allegedly said.

The victim of the hit-and-run was in a nearby parking lot about a half mile from where Galchenyuk had been found. While she wasn’t physically hurt, her vehicle showed damage, and she does intend to press charges. Galchenyuk was booked on multiple charges including hit-and-run, resisting arrest and threatening.

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